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The Page Builder makes it a one-click job to configure your layout structure, and page content.

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Built on the powerful bootstrap front-end framework and includes the packet of svg icons.

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Nova looks as awesome on wide screens as on mobile devices. There is no need to install anything.

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It's packed with features and retina ready!

Why Nova?

We didn’t want for the demo to be heavy and boring, that’s why we share the first and most essential feature of the theme – the way it’s built. WordPress is a platform, with thich we’ve been working for years and we’ve used tens of premium themes. We’ve been impressed by all of them with their incredible design. The troubles always tend to come once we deep into the administration and setup. The heavy and confusing design and functionality of the admin have always left us with bitter sweet taste. We know that with Nova we managed to change precisely this.

All the content and elements are manipulated in an extremely easy, simple and fast. We tried to cut down the time of going from one tab to another, in order to change the simplest of settings. We’ve put much thought in all the main components of work with the admin. People love WordPress because it saves time. That’s why we gave our best – to make Nova a super easy to use theme.


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